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Highlights for 2010
Innovation - The launch of our services for digital archiving, e-billing, and automated accounts payable.
New Operations - We have acquired our new operations centre in Bradbourne Kent.
Business Process Outsourcing can provide double digit performance improvements, and most projects deliver returns within months so benefits can be seen within the current fiscal year.
Our entire team is focused on delivering a 'better-than-expected' customer-centred service.
News and Events
TechTrek: Data and business process Management Company would like to invite you to our premier Networking event taking place in London one day only.
News and Events

TechTrek Capture Track

TechTrek Capture Services

At TechTrek we support our customers to de- risk their conversion project, therefore we provide a fully inclusive price, this includes all pre scan preparation of documents, Black/white 200 dpi scanning, double key 'blind' indexing for 99.999% accuracy and Q/A. In other words there are no hidden costs and our client knows what they need to budget for the exercise.

There are other pricing mechanisms with labour charges per hour and costs for indexing at units of 1,000 keys. This can be very difficult to accurately predict and budget for.

Typical Process Methodology - CaptureTrack

The process methodology defined by TechTrek can be broadly classified into the following stages:
  • Receipt of Document
  • Document Categorisation
  • Physical Numbering of Documents
  • Scanning
  • Document Unitisation (Logical Grouping of Documents)
  • Data Capture, Compare, Quality Checks and Finalisation

Document Receipt

Documents are dispatched from our client and an email is sent to TechTrek informing about the dispatch. A set of pre-defined processes are already specified for each individual client under a 'statement of work' document.

Document Categorization

Based upon the client statement of work and requirements; TechTrek categorise the received documents into identical sets prior to scanning.
This process is termed as "Document Categorisation"
Document Categorisation improves accessibility and aids faster retrieval of documents.

Physical Numbering

Every page of the document is given a unique identification number as agreed with the client. These numbers may be handwritten, stamped or in the form of pre-printed labels affixed to the document. These unique numbers ensure proper sequence of pagination


The following essential processes are carried out during scanning:
Removal of documents from file(s), de-stapling, removal of rubber bands
Removal of Bindings in case of physical books
Ensure that documents are Physically Numbered prior to scanning
Scan and create the images.
Reassemble the scanned pages in the original form and restore them in the respective files/folders.

Document Unitisation

We need to separate the scanned images logically before proceeding and we apply separator patch codes for the scanner to recognise the start and end of each document bundle.
Individual images are grouped into documents and attachments, if any, are mapped to its parent document.

Lot Making

The documents created as a result of Document Unitisation are separated into manageable lots for easy Data Entry.

Data Entry

Dual Data Entry is performed on the documents.
Data is entered twice for every document by two different operators
Provision to link attachment with its parent document has been introduced during Data Entry stage
The output generated can be in the form of an access database


After completion of Dual Data Entry, the lots are compared against each other and any errors can be corrected by a third operator process.

Quality Check

The compared output file will be used for Quality Checks.
A 100% document browsing will be performed for accuracy and errors if any are corrected.

Merging & Finalisation

The lots generated after Quality Checks will be merged into a single database file using CaptureTrack software and uploaded to the document management system of choice.










































You can enjoy fast, hassle free invoice delivery without investing in hardware, specialist hosting environments, and operational personnel.You can start saving postal costs within weeks
All documents processed by TechTrek are stored online in docHarbor – Anacomp's massively scalable document repository built for today's web enabled enterprise.
Automated AP
We provide a complete "end to end" service, we receive your invoices, prepare them, scan and index them providing you with ledger updates and automated approval /rejection /exception workflow.
Document Retrieval Demo
User ID: dhuser
Password: dhuser

Try TechTrek Electronic Document Retrieval demonstration to see our ability to capture, manage, deliver and preserve your critical information.
Other Services
• Document scanning (In-house & Outsourced)
• 99.999% Data Capture accuracy (Onshore & Offshore)
• Document & Data Migration projects managed
• Print & Mail Services
• 65 billion Images Online repository
• SaaS BPM & workflow
• Process Consultancy
• Archiving on Films/Scanning from Films
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Success Stories

Aviva plc, the UK's largest Insurance Group and the worlds 5th largest insurer.Aviva plc faced a complex information management challenge with a host of disparate document management systems derived from mergers and acquisition.Caroline Gillard, Aviva project delivery manager, " TechTrek picked up the complexity of the work immediately and were contributing ideas and pro actively managing the project all the way through, most importantly, TechTrek delivered before the deadline and were very easy to do business with ."

Brown Brothers is the oldest and still leading National Distributor to the UK crash repair industry. With over 120 years excellence in distribution, their network of branches, vans and dedicated sales people throughout the UK, not only offer an unbeatable range of products, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative business solutions. Brown Brothers chose to work with Prime Document & TechTrek in September 2009 following several years working closely with Prime Document for Print & Mail services.

Interforum a specialist book publisher in France. Approx. 200 Internal Interforum users and 15,000+ customers access the service through the Interforum Web portal which is seamlessly integrated via an API toolkit to the TechTrek docHarbor solution.
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